What is Linker?

Linker is a bookmark manager that brings all of your bookmarks in one place and allows you to share them with friends. Linker is available as an extension for Google Chrome, iPhone, and Android devices. Users can add bookmarks from everywhere including the browser or mobile device. You can also create your own list, delete or edit bookmarks, enable friends access to your own list, and much more within seconds.

With Linker, you can save, organize and share links with your friends. with Linkers Browser Extension, mobile application, and web application you get the syncing and sharing benefits of your own social bookmarking site.

Linker saves your links in a single place, so you never lose access to them. Effortlessly sign in to linker from your browser and see all your saved links in the dashboard, or smoothly access the dashboard from anywhere with Linker mobile app. With Linker, you’ll get an organized simplified web experience that’s better than any other bookmarking service on the web.